Our founder director Peter Hastings set up {n}.bora with the goal of bringing together select partners with true, meaningful experience of global organisational change management, innovation, operations, delivery and best practice, and bring all of that expertise to market for the benefit of enterprises and organisations in a way that is tailor made and customised to the scale of those organisations.

For too long, fully advanced IT and business consultancy services have only been available to FTSE100 or Fortune 500 companies. Large corporate consultancies often view smaller organisations as “too small to bother.” {n}.bora aims to spread the love a little.

Determined to make the most of life and fully explore opportunities, Peter’s work took him across the UK, as well as the United States, Europe, India and the Middle East, and he built a substantial network along the way, that is now contributing towards the success and growth of {n}.bora.

Before launching {n}.bora, Peter worked with a long list of global names, including M&S, AXA, GAME, ASDA, its parent Walmart and cousin Sam’s Club, John Lewis, the NHS, British Gas, Debenhams, JD Williams, Harrods, Next and Boots. As a consultant, he delivered for Charteris, Cognizant, TCS and UST Global. Since then, {n}.bora’s employees have brought additional world-class experience, having worked with WHSmith, adidas, ITC Legal, Jaguar Land Rover, QualiTest and Johnson & Johnson.

Our work for these organisations has always involved developing their fitness for growth, whether it be completely overhauling ways of working to disrupt a failing culture, implementing processes to modernise and streamline, delivering 10x growth, building compliance as a core strength, defining and delivering strategy, research and development, or project, programme and operational delivery.

Despite the size of companies and programmes that our team has worked on, with budgets often in excess of £100 million, the work has never been one-size-fits-all, and implementation has always been at an individual or departmental level, recognising the specific requirements of those units. Furthermore, the work has always involved the human-side with high pressure event planning and execution.

Now, with a growing client list and multiple projects successfully delivering new dawns for our clients, {n}.bora stays true to four key tenets:

  • Strong direction, control and pace is essential to the delivery of any change or operation.

  • Strong relationships deliver outcomes.

  • Technology should not be implemented for the sake of technology.

  • Processes, Policies and Procedures should scale in line with volume.

Our employees and associates share a passion for these tenets and walk together on their journey to bring their skills, knowledge and expertise to businesses world wide, no matter what the scale, delivering world-class guidance, delivery and execution in a way that recognises context, customises content and helps those businesses to grow.

nowydh bora - It means new dawn.